Filemaker Crm Currency

    Filemaker Mutil Currencies Template

  • OSqin Crm manage the full of official 161 currencies
  • OSqin Crm update automatically these 161 currencies for you
  • OSqin Crm record all fx data to avoid discrepancies on commercial and accounting documents
  • You can create as many as templates you need regarding payments Method
  • This works for Commercial but also for Purchase Orders
  • You can use multiple criteria such as Currency, country, Timing ...
    • Filemaker Payment Solution

  • First off you can active or inactive the status
  • Determine is this template will works for Purchase Orders or Sales (Commercial side)
  • Associate the currency available for this template
  • Add as many rules you like to build this template
  • Request a Demo
    OSqin Crm, OSqin ERP, OSqin CMMS
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