Filemaker Timesheet Management

    Filemaker Timesheet Database

  • Timesheet is the place to record all working time spend for the company including the trip & Travel, and lunch time too to enjoy real report
  • Time tracking is very important today to manage your company
  • Timesheet also can be call Filemaker Time log System
  • OSqin Crm offer you 2 ways to report the time into the Crm
  • You can report the time with a daily process
  • You can report the time with a weekly process
  • Each workforce can record them own working time but a manager can also do it depending of your company organization
  • Each Timesheet is attach a particular Task if you want but you also able to record a timesheet without linked it to a task
  • Report a time into a Crm can be quickly annoying so we have working hard on a design to make this job as easy as possible for your comfort.
  • To report the lunch time will takes only seconds
  • The weekly report probably more useful for industrial company take as well only fee seconds
  • This Timesheet will help you to track efficiently all works done and will let you know your profitability
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