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Quotes, Orders, Purchase Order, Deliveries, Invoices

    Commercial List (of activity)

  • Quick Search Multi Criteria
  • Create new record dynamically
    • Quotes

  • Billing and Shipping address (Multi Criteria Search Box)
  • Manage 161 currencies everywhere (Fx updated automatically)
  • Manage the Tax rate if needed
  • Link a commercial action to one marketing staff
  • Multiple Price Management (Eg. Regular Price, Special online Price, Export Price)
  • Call a payment template base on multiple criteria such as the currency, the country the client (Eg. payment in 2x or 3x or whatever...)
  • Display a dynamic chart to understand in value and in Chart your estimate profitability
  • Send the Quote by email attached with a free template design by your marketing departement
  • Manage an internal and external notes (External one can e printed on quotes)
  • Each commercial document will get them own barcode uncluding for each item offer or sold to a perfect tracking
  • When accepted the Quote can be transfer in a click to the Order section, or Deliveries or in the Invoice
    • Orders

  • same functionality as quotes with few more...
  • Because OSqin Crm track the credit and the balance of the customer account we let you know live which is the sold
  • Manage the Variations Products
  • Download all orders from WooCommerce automatically
  • Get all refunds you could do in the WooCommerce Side
  • Get all Coupon info from WooCommerce
  • Track the IP of the order to reduce the online e-commerce fraud into OSqin Crm
  • Open in a Click a new project fron this Order
  • Transfer this Order to one or Multiple Purchase Order in a click
  • Transfer this Order to one or Multiple delivery (Patial delivery feature) in a click
  • Transfer this Order to Invoice
  • Follow up the payment tracking and record live in the same screen how much you get (Multiple payments, multiple currencies)
    • Purchase Orders

  • same functionality as quotes & Orders with few more...
  • Because OSqin Crm track the credit and the balance that your vendor allowed you we let you know live which is the sold
  • Purchase Order can be create automatically fron the Client Order Section but also manually fron the PO Side
  • Purchase are multiple currencies
  • You can send your Purchase Order by Email with a free template that your team created only for the PO Section
  • You can track the deposit sent to the Vendor and manage the sold to be pay at a special date or on delivery (in Multiple currencies)
  • Purchase Order delivery can be done or in one time or by receiving items by Items until get the full delivery
  • PO delivery will let you confirm at which cost you receive this Item and create automatically a serial number if the item is serialized
  • If the New delivery item is serialized, then you will be allowed to manage your stock with a fifo or lifo method
  • When you get in a product at this stage, this action will update your physical stock
    • Deliveries

  • same functionality as quotes & Orders, with few more...
  • Base on your location, you could call this feature Delivery Note, or Shipping List, or even not use it in same cases
  • You can print different labels from the delivery section
  • When you delivery a product it will decrease the stock base on the delivery quantity
  • In a click you can transfer the delivery to an Invoice
  • Note that multiple deliveries can become ONE SINGLE INVOICE too!
    • Invoices

  • same functionality as quotes & Orders or deliveries
  • The income can be create manually or from a previous Client Order for instance
  • If you create manually an invoice that will decrease the stock base on the quantity
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