Filemaker Task

Filemaker Task Management by OSqin Crm

    Filemaker Pro Crm

  • You can manage Unlimited Tasks per project
  • Project Manager attach with the Task
  • Unlimited Workforce linked with each Task
  • Manage a Date Start / Time Start
  • Manage a Date Due / Time Due
  • Give you the quantity of days left to accomplish this Task
  • Allocate a Staff in charge on this particular Task (Over the Project Manager and All Workdforce
  • Each Task has a Status (Pending, Processing, Attention, At Risk, Completed)
  • When you change the Status that auto calculate the % of accomplished already automatically
  • You can adjust yourself the percentage of Accomplished manually to get the full control of the process
  • Each status change also the color to get a better quick view for each task
  • Each task can be published on the internal calendar or even on Google Calendar and iCal Calendar (No additional plugin needed)
  • Each Task is linked with the Timesheet module
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